Friday, March 28, 2008

Par For the Course

Par For the Course
Ray Blackston
Faith Words Hachette Book Group USA
ISBN: 978-0-446-17815-0
Reviewed for Reader Views.

Are you looking to tee off on a golfing adventure which combines entrepreneurship, romance, humorous moments and a touch of mystery? Ray Blackston has just the book which will fit your interests to a tee. "Par For the Course" is Ray Blackston's newest novel and it is sure to please both golf enthusiasts and non-golfers alike.

Chris Hack is a single man who uses his golfing knowledge, experience and skills to better golfers throughout the Charleston area. He is not alone in his quest of making Hack's Golf Learning Center the best facility in the area. He has his business partner, Cack to help his business on a successful course. Cack's quick sense of humor gives him his own notoriety for hurling insults at the golf range's customers while using his specially designed golf carts. This is one instance where hurling insults is all in good fun. The business has doubled and the customers all enjoy it.

Molly is a Washington political correspondent who wants to learn how to golf and may be finding more than just golf skills. Molly suggests to Chris that he should allow political groups to poke fun of each other and the idea catches on. Chris wants to date Molly however, will a long distance relationship really work for them? When Chris' business is a victim of arson, Molly uses her reasoning skills to help him find out who would want to see Chris out of business. Could it be one of the political parties in this election year, could it be the man whose business shares the other half of their leased property?

Finding clues and allowing time for pursuing Molly takes time. Will Chris find out that everything does work out for his best interest even though its not in the way he thought it would. Chapter after exciting chapter flows a wonderfully written story which will have you laughing and feeling for this young entrepreneur every step of the way. Instead of yelling "Fore" like in playing golf, when you reach the last chapter you will be yelling "More!" I certainly hope Ray Blackston writes more stories like this one.

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