Friday, March 28, 2008

Elvis Takes a Back Seat

Title: Elvis Takes a Back Seat

Author: Leanna Ellis

B&H Fiction

978-0-8054-4696-8, Copyright 2008, $14.99.

Have you ever found a note and not known what its true meaning is? Claudia has just that kind of note but is not able to ask the author for its meaning. Her husband Stu has recently died. Her friends keep telling her its time for her to move on, but she is unable to until she solves the mystery behind this note. The note is telling her to "return Elvis to where he belongs." So just where does the 3 foot bust of the king of rock and roll belong? Her life has become entangled with the mystery of where she should take him.

Memphis and Graceland are fitting places for Elvis, right? She enlists her eccentric aunt to travel with her. After all, Aunt Rae claims that she met Elvis Presley years ago. Wanting to be a positive role model for Ivy, she takes her along on the trip. Ivy is 17 year old daughter of her boss and good friend Ben who lost her mother at a very young age. The threesome set out for an adventure. When dining in a restaurant, Elvis gets unwanted attention being tucked in the back seat of the sedan. Will the bust make it to its rightful place without being stolen? Why is Ivy always sick, is it just carsickness?

"Elvis Takes a Back Seat" is a hilarious and yet very dramatic book. It will have you laughing and crying in different parts of the book. Your heart will go out to Ivy and the challenges of trying to grow up and face life's difficult decisions. Leanna Ellis has written an excellent novel. She is very talented and I anxiously await another book by her. Even if you aren't or weren't a fan of Elvis Presley, you will find yourself thinking "I can't help falling in love with you" while reading this book!

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Holly said...

This one looks great. I'm definitely adding it to my reading list.