Friday, March 28, 2008


Kim Vogel Sawyer
Barbour Publishing
P.O. Box 719, Ulrichsville, OH 44683
97801059789-406-7, $14.95,. 2008.
Reviewed for Reader Views, 03/08.

Sometimes blessings come in the most unexpected places. We never know just how and when God will decide to bless us. Trina Muller can't understand why she feels compelled to be a veterinarian. She has always loved animals, surely God could use her love of animals and talents to God's glory. If she was just an ordinary girl, her dreams of college and a career wouldn't be such a big deal. However, she belongs to an Old Order Mennonite group. Women are not to have any education beyond grade school, much less a career. She is supposed to be content in just being a wife and mother.

She has a strong Christian Mennonite man who wants nothing more than to be her husband. Graham and Trina have known each other for years and courting for quite some time now. Surely an engagement and traditional wedding ceremony is right around the corner. Graham sees Trina's tender heart and encourages her to follow her dream even if the other members of the fellowship don't understand why she isn't content to live the life she has to. The only one in Sommerfeld who truly wants to help Trina achieve her goals is the young newly married stained glass artist. She has an internet connection and wants to help in any way possible.

Just as things look like they might be able to do both, their marriage and her impending career, disaster strikes and it looks like God isn't blessing them in any way but isn't He?

"Blessings" is the the third book in the Sommerfeld triliogy. Kim Vogel Sawyer doesn't disappoint in this final book and we leave Sommerfeld. There are moments where you will laugh, cry and find yourself cheering on the young couple every step of the way. I was sorry to see the book end and am anxious to read more books by Ms Vogel Sawyer. Take a trip to Sommerfeld today, you will certainly fall in love with the characters and simplified way of life!

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