Monday, November 5, 2007

What's the Big Deal About Jesus?

What's the Big Deal About Jesus?
John Ankerberg & Dillon Burroughs
Harvest House Publishers
Eugene, Oregon 97402
ISBN: 978-0-7369-2120-6, $12.99, 2007.
Reviewed for Reader Views, 11/07.

Have you ever seen the blockbuster hit "Passion of Christ?" Did you want to get a glimpse into what Christ endured for all of us? Did you want to build your faith or was it just Mel Gibson that made you interested in seeing the film? Perhaps you have seen "The Nativity Story." In recent years, Hollywood has certainly been bringing the name of Jesus to the silver screen. Why the sudden interest? For many years the stories of the Bible have been made into movies . Who hasn't heard about Charlton Heston's portrayal of Moses in the classic "The Ten Commandments."

"Jesus was just an ordinary man, wasn't he? Jesus was a magician because he healed people." Maybe you have had someone make comments like these about Jesus. How do you answer comments like this? Maybe you have a few questions of your own about this incredible man. There were hundreds of prophecies about the Messiah. Only one man could fulfill them all. Jesus is more than just a man. He was both true God and true man.

If you are constantly being asked questions about Jesus or are looking for answers to your many questions. Look no farther than "What's the Big Deal About Jesus?" John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs have created an amazing resource for those who thirst for the knowledge of the truth. With Scriptural references to back up their statements, your answers are here. Some of the questions answered within the pages of this book are "Did he really believe He was God's Son?," Did His life really fulfill the predictions?," "What does the Medical Evidence Suggest? and "Did People Really See Him Alive after His Death?"

Is this Jesus just a story told over and over again through the generations? This is truth backed with Holy Scripture. This is a terrific book which could be used for personal Bible study and Bible study groups. This is a priceless book for all people to read and understand the man who changed our destinys on Earth and beyond. This is a MUST read for Christians and those who have many questions about Jesus. After reading this book, you will not have questions in your mind only confidence in Christ Jesus, His life, His death and His resurrection.

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