Monday, November 5, 2007

The Parting

The Parting
Beverly Lewis
Bethany House Publishers, 2007.
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0310-7.

Teenage years are a struggle for both boys and girls. Add to the equation, the strict Old Order Amish ways and you really have a host of challenges on your hands. Nellie Mae Fisher is also trying to come to terms with her younger Suzy's death. How and why did Suzy have to die?

Nellie Mae has been going to singings and other young people's activties for some time now. She has captured the interest of young Caleb Yoder. He brings her home from the activities in his courting buggy which he got for his 16th birthday. Surely they will soon make their baptismal vows and become full-fledged members of the Old Order community. Or will they?

Why is that the Yoders are discouraging Caleb and his growing interest in the Fisher girl. Certainly he can find a good Amish girl, get married and settle down in the lifestyle of so many ancestors. There is much speculation surrounding the Fisher family. Nellie Mae is holding a secret in her heart which may bring some answers to why young Suzy Fisher has died. How far will Nellie Mae go in keeping her sister Suzy's diary a secret from the other members of the family.

Why doesn't Reuben Fisher keep his family in the way of the Old Order. His sudden interest in studying the "forbidden" parts of Holy Scripture seems to be creating a division of the community. Another matter of division is that some of the farmers believe that using tractors is permissible while others think that tractors are too worldly.

"The Parting" is based on actual events which ripped an Amish community apart. Will Nellie and Caleb's love for each other survive even if every thing and every one seems to be against the young couple? "The Parting" is the first book in Beverly Lewis' newest series 'The Courtship of Nellie Mae Fisher. Beverly Lewis has created another book series which has me anxious to read the next book in this series. She is so talented and uses her knowledge of the Old Order Amish to intrigue readers about this unique people.

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