Monday, November 5, 2007

Ready to Wed

Ready to Wed
Melody Carlson
Guideposts Books, 2007.
ISBN: 978-0-8249-4724-8.

Have you ever had a dream which seemed so real that it has been hard to believe it is only a dream? Belle Bannister has had just one of those dreams. Her dream was so realistic that it draws her to some drastic measures.

Belle leaves her home and the life she knows to see if her dream will become a reality. She travels to Acorn Hill, Pennsylvania and takes up residence at the Grace Chapel Inn. The Grace Chapel Inn is a bed and breakfast which offers small town friendliness and the most helpful owners. The owners are 3 sisters and their Aunt Ethel. Aunt Ethel makes it her personal goal to help Belle find "Mr Right."

Belle's dream was that she was to meet and marry the man of her dreams in this small town within a few short weeks. Acorn Hill has many eligible bachelors including the town's unsuspecting pastor. Belle catches the town by storm making plans for her wedding which she believes is to be the first Saturday in June. Everyone but Aunt Ethel thinks Belle is crazy to be planning a wedding when the groom is yet to be named. Can she rely on her time schedule or is there someone else who has plans according to His time schedule. One of the innkeeper-sisters Jane Howard has received a letter from her ex-husband Justin. Just why has he picked now to contact her after many years of no contact? Why is he being so insistent on having the oppotunity to talk to her again.

Melody Carlson has written a delightful novel. You are sure to fall in love with this quaint small Pennsylvanian town., its residents and its one very unique visitor. Was this dream of Belle's really God calling her to Acorn Hill for such a time as time. God's timing is always best even if we often think otherwise.

Visit Acorn Hill and Grace Chapel Inn today for an experience you won't soon forget!

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