Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gone With The Groom

Title: Gone With the Groom
Author: Janice A Thompson
Published by Barbour Publishing 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59789-642-9

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Brandi Peterson and Scott Cunningham on February 14. That's only 2 weeks away and the Peterson house is very chaotic. Rather than just the regular preparations for the wedding, the family is also involived in a missing person search. The missing person is none other than Scott Cunningham, groom to be.

Brandi's parents, Annie and Warren are playing host to Brad and Nadine, Scott's mother and step father. Having the future inlaws staying with the other inlaws can create interesting memories. Its a full house when Annie's parents arrive from the deep South for the big event. If there is still to be a wedding.

Annie is known to be quite a sleuth. Well, she's going to have to use all her skills and Sasa, her dachshund, to smell out clues and find Scott before the big day. Annie is nicknamed Agatha Annie. She is not a professional detective and finds her some strange and some very hilarious situations along the way.

Janice A Thompson has created a wonderful book. "Gone With the Groom" combines mystery, humor, a fantastic storyline and unforgetttable characters. With its many twists and turns, "Gone With the Groom" will keep you involved from cover to cover. The Peterson family's faith in God is tested throughout the book but with the help of their church family and faith in God they will get through this time of their life. Perhaps they will even be blessed through this trial.

Plan now to check in with the Peterson for the biggest event in Brandi's lifetime!

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Janice Thompson said...

Hi Lori! Thanks so much for your great comments about my book. I had a blast writing GONE WITH THE GROOM, and am always tickled when readers enjoy it, too! Be blessed.