Monday, July 30, 2007


Title: Cassidy
Author: Lori WickPublished by Harvest House Publishers, 2007.
ISBN 978-0-7369-1618-9.
Reviewed for Reader Views, 7/07.

What is a young lady to do when she wants to make a break from the family which she was born into? Cassidy Norton has moved to Token Creek to begin her new life. She is an accomplished seamstress who has opened her own sewing business in the village. She has made a success of herself. She has even hired an employee to help her with her abundance of orders. She has a terrific friendship with Meg and her husband Brad. She and Meg are as close as two best friends could ever be, they are as close as sisters. There are plenty of suitors for young Cassidy, including Pastor Rylan.

Brad owns a ranch with his brother Trace. Trace lives on the ranch with Brad and Meg and is very excited about becoming an uncle within a few months. Trace and Cassidy have gotten to be very close friends. They fear losing their friendship if they should ever become a courting couple. Token Creek is becoming a bigger town and Saturday nights have become dangerous so she starts spending her Saturday nights at the ranch. Besides that way she can worship her Lord and Savior with her friends on Sunday mornings.

Now as long as nothing happens to ruin Cassidy's chance at true happiness and success. Her mother knows where she is living and her alias however, secrets sometimes can be found out. As long as Cassidy remains faithful to her Lord, there is nothing that can destroy her. Her debt and our debts have been paid and we can experience true happiness. Lori Wick has done it again with a fantastic book which will have you entranced in the adventure and romance in Montana in 1880. From cover to cover, you will love visiting Token Creek and meeting its residents. This is book one in the Big Sky Dreams series, and I can hardly wait until book two comes out. Take me back to Token Creek, Montana, its a place I would love to visit again and again.

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