Sunday, July 15, 2007

Copper Star

Title: Copper Star
Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
Published by Vintage Romance Publishing, 2006.

Copper Springs, Arizona welcomes you! Come visit the town of Copper Springs meet some of the most interesting people you have ever met. Pastor Robert Gordon is man whose wife left him with his young son William. The people of the town think that William is an idiot but the fact is that he is unable to hear. Aunt Martha runs an one-woman kitchen in the parsonage. Due to his seminary friend Dietrich's urging, the Gordons open their house to Louisa Schmetterling. Louisa is a young German lady who has left Germany during wartime and Adolf Hitler's dictatorship.

Louisa has clear cut plans to return to her native land after the war. However, the best laid plans can be broken when God is directing what happens. There are many advances in dealing with the deaf and mute children at this time. Louisa does research and decides to make the most of her time in Copper Springs. She takes on teaching William how to talk and use sign language since he is too young to attend the boarding school for deaf children. As she works with the young son of Reverend Robert, they begin to realize that they have a friendship developing. But Reverend Robert is afraid to let go of his feelings of abandonment of his first wife and Louisa has plans to leave anyway.

"Copper Star" offers a beautiful budding romance. There is mystery involved in what is happening to the money of the residents of Copper Springs. This is a very inspirational story of God's guiding hand and how He can direct paths according to His purpose. Once you have visited this booming copper mining town you will discover an old-fashioned romance and mystery rolled into one!

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