Sunday, August 19, 2007

Race to the Altar

Title: Race to the Altar
Authors: Ron Benrey; Gloria Clover; Becky Melby & Cathy Wienke; and Gail Sattler
Published by Barbour Publishing, 2007.
ISBN: 978-1-59789-847-8.
Reviewed for Reader Views, 08/07.

"Gentlemen, start your engines!" Of course, if you follow NASCAR racing at all, you know these familiar words are spoken right before the big event. If you like NASCAR and romances, you are definitely in for a treat when you pick up the book "Race to the Altar."

The first of the four stories in this volume is called "Clear! Clear! Dear!" Faith Wright doesn't think she ever wants to go back to the race track. She had been involved in an accident a few years ago. However, Emmett Grant wants her to be Tony Griffith's spotter. Its a very important job but Tony is not an easy one to deal with. By giving Faith a job on the racing team, Emmett Grant has an idea of finding just what the two of them have been searching for. All Emmett is doing is putting the wheels in motion.

"The Remaking of Moe McKenna" is about a young lady who enjoys fast car and the amazing men who race these cars. Moe has her eye on going after the prize and living the summer she always dreamed of . The Sutherlands are a family whose lives revolve around racing. They adopt Moe and gives her the chance to experience racing and family life on the inside track. She has been missing out on some key elements in her life. The Sutherlands intend on showing her just what her life had been missing. The Sutherland family introduces her to God and shows her just how she fits into God's family and maybe their own.

"Over the Wall" is the story of Camela Eastman. She and her long-time boyfriend Joe both have signed on to be a part of a racing crew. She is a nurse while Joe is a fireman. Tommy Garrett has a very good relationship with God but he too is missing something very important. Around the race track and around the hospital, two people find their way to each other.

Talladega is known for its two races each year on the NASCAR circuit. So what better place for Rob to try to sell his computer racing game. He has found just the place where he can get in contact with other racing enthusiasts. His timing is off because the owner of the store has been called away for a family emergency. Kathleen has left her store in the capable hands of her assistant Lynda. This opens the door for Rob to to set up his demo in the store under Lynda's watchful eye. She feels like she alone is responsible for the business. The two Christian singles are thrown into spending many hours together. Will they realize that they are in for the race of a lifetime.

Each story is beautifully written and you won't want to set "Race to the Altar" down until the checkered flag is flown!

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