Monday, August 6, 2007

Going Home

Title: Going Home
Author: Wanda E Brunstetter
Published by Barbour Publishing, 2007.
ISBN: 478-1-59789-609-2.
Reviewed for Reader Views, 08/07.

Faith Stutzman Andrews has it all. Or does she? She is a successful singer and comedienne. She has a delightful daughter named Melinda. Her agent and often abusive husband Greg has recently died and Faith must now make some choices that will change Melinda's and her lives forever.

Feeling she has no place else to go, she returns to Webster County, Missouri and her Amish family. Greg's parents are too busy with their life in Los Angeles to be saddled with Faith and Melinda. Faith's plans are to familarize young Melinda to the stability of Amish community. After all, Faith was raised Amish until she left for the lights of stardom. She then hopes to return to the exciting life of being an entertainer. She so loves to be accepted and appreciated for her talents. She has never felt accepted by her people especially her parents who are very strong in their Amish faith and don't like her "goofing around" with her jokes and having fun.

Noah Hertzler is a familiar face from the past. He was friends with one of her brothers when she was growing up in Webster County. Noah is not your ordinary Amish gentleman. He does not have any desire to be a hog farmer like his father. He is perfectly happy being a Christmas tree farmer with his "English" friends. He has an unusual hobby for an Amish man too, he often bakes desserts for his friends, family and others who could use some cheering up. He very often shares a Scripture verse he finds fitting on a tag along with the baked goods. Noah has a strong relationship with God where Faith's has deteriorated. He soon forms a bond with young Melinda who finds his humor and personality much to her liking.

The Stutzman family has grown while Faith has been gone. Faith now has a new little sister who is virtually the same age as Melinda. The two become fast friends in addition to being aunt and niece. Just as Faith is preparing to leave Melinda and her Amish roots, an accident occurs which will alter their lives.

Will Noah and Faith find out that "going home" is God's leading both to happiness and acceptance for their unique talents? Wanda Brunstatter has done it again by weaving a tale which will have you waiting for more chapters. "Going Home" is the first in her new series called "Brides of Webster County." I can't wait to visit Webster County again soon. Home is where the heart is with this kind people who appreciate the simple things in life.

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