Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wisconsin Weddings

Title: Wisconsin Weddings
Author Andrea Boeshaar
Published by Barbour Publishing, 2006.
ISBN: 978-1-59789-631-3.

When you least expect it, it can happen. Just what is "it?" For Jena, Lara and Melody it is an opportunity for love. Not just "puppy" love but the real thing. None of the three young Wisconsin women are expecting to find their soulmate but that is what happens.

Jena needs a summer job. Travis is a busy lawyer whose wife died leaving him to raise his young daughters Mandi and Carly on his own. He advertises for a "summer girl." A summer girl is someone who will take care of his daughters, do some light housekeeping and take the girls to their activities. Travis sister Glenda was living in the attached apartment and taking care of the girls until a man interested her and she ran off with him. Travis is expecting someone much younger than 26. But 26 year old Jena comes to interview and Travis is impressed so he hires her. Jena fills the void that the girls feel since losing their mother and love starts to grow not only for the girls but also for Travis. When summer is over, will Jena be gone from the girls lives?

Aren't the older sisters always supposed to marry before the younger ones? Melody always thought that she would get married before her younger sister Bonnie. Bonnie's new fiancee' is coming to dinner at their parents and wedding plans are set into motion. Oh no, Bonnie's fiancee' is someone who Melody used to date. Melody's parents are all pleased and the house soon becomes Wedding Central. Melody just wants someone to talk to so she starts spending more and more time with Luke the neighbor guy who has always loved Melody. Will Melody and Luke discover that they are more than just neighbors and friends? Will Bonnie still marry Scott when she finds out what happened to her sister's dealings with her intended?

Kevin is a rodeo star but he has taken a terrible fall from a horse and is flown to the hospital by Flight for Life. Lara is a social worker who works in the hospital with case studies. Lara has always had an interest in horses and helps out at the Regeneration Ranch where handicapped people work with horses as part of their therapy. To make matters worse, Lara has been assigned Kevin's case and she had a crush on him in their younger years. It will be a "Long Ride Home" for Kevin as he recovers but can they find love now that they are given another chance? Will they find a lariat around their hearts?

Andrea Boeshaar is from Wisconsin and invites you to come to Wisconsin through this book. Her descriptions of this great state and familarity with places and landscapes of Wisconsin shine through. This is a must read for those who love tender romances with men and women finding true love The three stories in this excellent book will capture your heart and give you a much needed retreat. God's plan is always the right one as illustrated in this beautiful stories of love, romance and sweet surprises. Come to Wisconsin for the weddings, you will be glad you did!

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