Thursday, June 14, 2007

White Chocolate Moments

Title: White Chocolate Moments
Author: Lori Wick
Published by Harvest House Publishers, 2007.
ISBN: 978-0-7369-1780-3
Reviewed for Reader Views 5/07.

Why is it that chocolate is comforting to a woman? Just the very thought of indulging in chocolate brings wonderful thoughts to women. Lori Wick presents "White Chocolate Moments" in a sweet love of famiy and reconciliation. Lori Wick is a very accomplished with many novels to her credit. I've never been disappointed in reading any of her novels and this one is no exception. Lori is gifted and I await her next book.
What begins as a family joining together for Grandpa Bryant's birthday turns to sadness. Arcineh Bryant is an only child. Her parents die in a car accident and Grandpa has her live with him. Grandpa is a very wealthy man and she gets whatever she wants. A young girl might think that would be just perfect, never having to worry about being in want. However, Arcineh loses her best friend and cousin, Quinn, to the evil thing called envy. Quinn lives farther away and feels that Arcineh is being spoiled and has more of Grandpa's love. Arcineh goes on a few business trips with Grandpa and he surprises her with chocolates in order to ease the loneliness she feels. She feels alone in the world and resentment towards what has happened sets in.
"White Chocolate Moments" covers the span of many years. We find Arcineh feeling alone and lost in grief. When she leaves her grandfather's house she finds a new friend who takes her in. But that only lasts so long since her friend ends up getting married. Arcineh is faced with having to fend for herself. She experiences having to take a physical labor job. She keeps it a secret that she is the granddaughter of the wealthy tycoon. She doesn't know how she will ever manage to cross paths with Grandpa Bryant again. She has failed relationships but eventually one love leads her to another. But how can she trust that this love will last? Is there a possibility of finding someone who will love her forever? Arcie has so man questions but no answers. All she has to do is return to the one who has all the answers: God.

"White Chocolate Moments" is like eating a piece of chocolate in places. Just like while eating some pieces of chocolate you just can't wait until the next piece, when reading this book, you just can't wait until the next satsifying chapter. Indulge yourself in "White Chocolate Moments," its a sweet indulgence with no calories!

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