Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Facing the Giants

Are you ready to see a movie that will change your life? If so, Facing the Giants is the one to see. You will find yourself laughing, crying and contemplating aspects of your life when viewing this film. Your faith will be built up while watching this video. The message of this film is very powerful and overwhelming at times.

Grant Taylor is a high school football coach with many problems. In his 6 years of coaching, the team has never had a winning season. He and his wife Brooke are unable to conceive a child. Their car is constantly breaking down. He is unable to provide the kind of house for his wife as he wants to. After 3 straight losses in the new season, some of the player's fathers want to have Grant lose his head coaching job. What makes it even worse, is one of his assistants and a man who Grant considers a friend has teamed up with the fathers. One of the best players on the team transfers to another team. It seems to him and Brooke that things can't get much worse?

Grant meets with an individual in one of the school's hallways who gives him some advice. He turns to the place with all the answers: the Bible and his God. He prays for strength and how he can build up faith in himself, his team and his God. He starts applying these principles to his football team through a wide variety of means. He uses Brock, one of the team leaders, to build up endurance and the courage to give it all he's got. Direct scripture references are throughout
this film. The Shiloh Christian Academy Eagles are building more than just their physical strength but also they mental strength. The team is joined by a young student named David who has never played football only soccer. David's wheel-chair bound father is his main inspiration as he never gives up trying to stand.

With alot of prayer and hard work, the season starts turning around for both Grant and the team. They start winning games. Grant's life starts turning around. The Giants are the 3 time defending state champs but they have yet to face their toughest opponent. Nothing is impossible with God.

This is a must see family film! Even those people who aren't especially fond of football will find this film an inspiration. Its action packed with a great story line and heartwarming characters.
We all face Giants each day, but we are never alone.

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Desiree said...

WOW - that sounds like a wonderful movie! I'll have to look for it!