Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Earth to Betsy by Beth Patillo

Beth Patillo has done it again. After reading "Heavens to Betsy," I had hopes that the sequel would be equally entertaining. "Earth to Betsy" kept my interest all the way through the book. You never knew what kind of humorous situation the heroine would get into.

The story begins where "Heavens to Betsy" leaves off. She now is dating her long-time best friend David. On their first official date, he has a surprise for her. He proposes for her and the couple is instantly thrown into an engagement party. That in itself would be nerve-racking enough, but then David's mother has an announcement of her own. She wants to save her dying magazine "Budget Bride" by organizing the complete wedding using thrifty ideas.

Having two mothers competing for their children's wedding is enough. David and Betsy really don't have time to plan a wedding anyway. The results are far from what anyone would expect. From the good china being a mismatched set of china from a thrift store to having a staged bridal shower without the bride even present are just some of the humor around the wedding.

Reverend Becky is being faced with trials with her church as is David. Betsy's church has dwindling attendance and offerings, they have an offer to sell the church and relocate. David is spending more time with the fire marshall than he is with his fiancee'. There are quite some colorful characters in both churches especially Betsy's who you can't help falling in love with. Will the churches be saved?

Is there hope for the wedding to come off with the 2 mothers being happy and the couple? Or is it impossible? This book will have you laughing page after delightful page. Who can't identify with wedding plans and all the trials and tribulations of that.

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