Monday, April 2, 2007

Caught Off Guard

Title: Caught Off Guard Encounters With the Unexpected God
Author: William P Smith
Published by New Growth Press, 2007

Do you ever find yourself having a question about just which way to turn when a problem or find yourself in an unusual circumstance? If you wish you had a Christian counselor to talk to when this happens. Turn to "Caught Off Guard: Encounters With the Unexpected God." William P Smith is a counselor and faculty member in the School of Biblical Counseling in Glenside, PA has written a book which will help you through some of the rough times.

Each chapter starts off with a "Case study", that is a story about a particular family who is dealing with some particular trouble at the time. William P Smith uses actual Scripture exercepts to point out how a similar situation was faced in biblical times. All Scripture references are in the New International Version. The end of each chapter gives you a list of questions to make you think of yourself in the particular circumstance.

While reading this book, I found myself realizing that I'm not alone in alot of areas. Many others have experienced much of the same as I have. The stories in this book are very encouraging and at the same time are very wonderfully written and refreshing.The stories are true and show many things about our loving God which we might not have realized by simply reading or hearing the Scripture.

I would definitely like to read more books by William P Smith. He has a very easy to read and understand style of writing. This book definitely caught me off guard, as it is rare for me to find a book that brings out the attributes of our Savior and His amazing grace for everyone

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